More often than not, it is a convergence that starts it all. A trunk slamming, a sound of an engine, and the spacing of the works will soon make everything coherent that had not been in contact until then: parts and ideas are suddenly amalgamated after a star-like movement.

What if it was a question of upsetting habits and considering the moving of the artworks as an end in itself?

In their tale adapted from a legend (Der Rattenfänger von Hameln), the Grimm brothers describe the magnetic figure of a rat catcher who, with the sound of his flute, is able to draw rats or children into his wake, depending on the highlights of the story. It is on the basis of a similar idea that we imagined how to organise a group exhibition.

With a roll of plastibulle on his shoulder, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann leaves his house in Linkebeek to walk towards the DuflonRacz gallery in Ixelles. He stops by the artists who work or live along the way and invites them to join the walk, taking a small, carefully wrapped piece with them. At the same time, Frédéric Fourdinier organises a harvest of wild plants which will then be cooked. The journey is not very long, but progress is made in fits and starts, and it is in a specific temporality that something is achieved. Little by little, this something has become a common project. Organically, linearly.

In the gallery, the works are stored in a custom-made shelf. Over the two months of the exhibition, they will be humbly arranged in small groupings in the space.

Artists (still evolving list):

Marie André, Elodie Antoine, Michel Assenmaker, Laurette Atrux-Tallau, Etienne Courtois, Grégory Decock, Philippe Degobert, Natalia De Mello, Mathias Domahidy, Claire Ducène, Frédéric Fourdinier, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Pierre Hebbelinck, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, Nicolas Kozakis, Adrien Lucca, Pierre Martens, François Marcadon, Vincent Meessen, Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Eugène Savitzkaya, Michel Tombroff, Mathieu Zurstrassen...

This project is an initiative of and is organised by: Pierre-Philippe Hofmann
participant and co-organiser: Frédéric Fourdinier
participant: Mathias Domahidy, Various Artists
with the help and trust of Galerie DuflonRacz gallery, Florin Filleul, Fabrice Schneider, Nadine vzw (Wandering Art Biennial), Loes Jacobs, An Goovaerts
with the support of Flanders State of the Arts