Dieter Seibt
Singing between the times

26. August – 30. September 2017
Opening: Friday 25. August, 6pm
Closing Event: Saturday 30. September, 5pm. With a concert by Kapelle Clairmont (Dieter Seibt and Beat Feller)


In the /LINKS/ space, Dieter Seibt stages an interplay of objects, drawings, text, photography and sound that is characteristic for his practice. The resulting exchanges and transformations between images and other images, fragments of text and heterogeneous, multi-layered objects often appear ambiguous, unconventional and paradoxical at first glance: the artist’s way of questioning our preconceived ideas about reality, contemporary society and rational consciousness, with a playful sense for irony and the absurd. Dieter Seibt (*Stuttgart 1941) lives and works in Lausanne and Bern.