IAMAI. Bots and other Humanoids. 
With: Inside Job (Ula Lucinska & Michal Knychaus), Ernestyna Orlowska und Vinzenz Meyner

Curated by Stefanie Marlene Wenger

14. October - 11. November 2017
Opening: Friday October 13th, 6pm

How will the relationship of humans and machines develop in the future?

Self-learning algorithms now speak with us and complete the tasks we assign them. Narrow AI, i.e. computer systems that surpass human skills in certain areas already exist widely. The intelligence of these software applications or bots is based on artificial neural networks that do not follow a binary logic. Comparable to a biological brain, they follow a threshold logic. Exposed to an intensive learning process with mass amounts of data, these programs are able to improve themselves. No bot has passed the Turing test so far, but there are professionals of the opinion that this will change in the very near future.

This project brings together artist and experts of the field and invites the audience to think about the utopian
and dystopian tendencies of non-human intelligence. As a closing of the exhibition, a One-Day Festival will take place on November 11, 2017 at Impact Hub in Bern. Detailed information in the Flyer (PDF)