Kathrin Racz
Au fur et à mesure

Artist Kathrin Racz’s new solo exhibition is dedicated to the everyday, the seemingly trivial, and the many facets of human existence: from her colourful reworkings of medical teaching diagrams from the 1960s to her “Herbarium of the Present”, in which the artist collects found objects in the surroundings of her small studio in the Swiss mountains, or her small scale, playful coloured pencil drawings, which also bear witness to her fascination with the effects of colour. A series of abstract paintings, “Blind Summit”, deals with the issue of the unpredictable, unforeseen – a subject that has preoccupied the artist for many years and that has acquired a particular urgency in a time so marked by uncertainties. The work of Kathrin Racz oscillates between seeming opposites, moving in small steps from lightness to heaviness, from social references to personal significance, from distanced irony to emotional closeness, thereby shaping her independent approach to the world and art-making.  

The artist will be at the gallery every Saturday in December from 14 – 17h and looks forward to personal conversations and feedback about your experience of her work.

Opening day: Friday 20. November 16 - 20h in the presence of the artists. You are very welcome to come and see the exhibitions on the opening evening. However, to ensure everyone’s safety, numbers are limited to 15 people at a time and masks are compulsory.
Opening hours from Saturday 21. November – Saturday 19. December:
Thursday and Friday 1 – 6pm
Saturday 1 – 5pm